From a political viewpoint, is enough being done to reduce global poverty?

Expert Answers
pohnpei397 eNotes educator| Certified Educator

From a political viewpoint, not enough is being done to end global poverty.  However, different political viewpoints disagree as to what needs to be done more.

From one viewpoint, more aid needs to be given by rich countries and other donors.  From this point of view, poverty comes about because the poor countries simply lack money to create jobs.  If rich countries and donors would only be more generous, poverty would be reduced.

From another point of view, the world needs more free trade and good government.  This point of view holds that poverty occurs because the governments (particularly of poor countries) have bad policies and/or bad ethics.  If poor countries would clean up their governments and all countries would opt for free trade, poverty would be reduced.

No one, then, believes that enough is being done to reduce global poverty.  But different political points of view have different ideas as to what should be done to solve the problem.