Political, religous and art references in "The Dead."  examples of each

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In the introduction to the Dubliners published by Penguin Books, Dubliners is declared a "stages of man" collection of related stories.  And, as such, it is a narrative replete with church-related ideas and events, political ideas and situations, and music and poetry--all of which are part of the Irish culture:


Molly Ivors is the Irish nationalist who accuses Gabriel of being a "West Briton" (a member of the English nation in Ireland). For, when Gabriel says that he goes on a cycling trip to France and Belgium, Miss Ivors lashes out,

--And haven't you your own land to visit...that you know nothing of, your own people, and your own country?

Later Gabriel reviews the dinner speech he will deliver, wondering what Miss Ivors will think; he...

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