Pick a topic from the Dallas Morning News and write to the editor expressing your stand on the issue as a policy practitioner. 

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pohnpei397 eNotes educator| Certified Educator

I believe that the majority of questions that you post have to do with social work.  Therefore, I will answer this question from the point of view of a social worker.  However, we cannot simply write a letter to the editor for you on this site.  Instead, we can point to things that you might want to say in your letter.

The issue that I have picked is immigration and border security.  In the link below, we see a short discussion of Gov. Rick Perry’s decision to send 1,000 members of the Texas National Guard to the border with Mexico to help prevent illegal immigration.  I would argue that most social workers would disagree with this action.

In writing your letter, you should try to express why you oppose this action in your capacity as a social worker.  You should talk about how social workers support human rights for all people and how social workers want what is best for their clients as individuals.  In both cases, you might say that Gov. Perry’s actions are harmful.  You could say that we are denying people their human rights when we use troops to stop them from escaping horrible conditions in their home countries.  You could say that we need to have more compassion for these migrants as human beings.  You could also argue that the militarization of immigration enforcement harms people who are already in the country.  You can say that some of your clients are people who are undocumented and who are frightened by aggressive anti-immigrant actions such as that taken by Perry.  These actions make it more likely that undocumented immigrants will be abused by employers or victimized by criminals (because they are afraid to seek police protection). 

In this letter, you need to articulate your profession’s dedication to helping people and protecting their human rights.  You then need to argue that Perry’s actions and the anti-immigrant attitudes in general are contrary to the values of your profession. 

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