In policing, in what situation would a virtuous police officer carry out his duties better than an officer who is lacking in such virtues?

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I think that the question should be in what situation would a virtuous police officer not be better.  I don't think that there is a constructive situation in which the public would not be better served by an honorable and virtuous police officer.  Even if one varies on the definition of "virtuous behavior," I think that the idea of seeing individuals as ends in of themselves, as opposed to means to ends, would be where a virtuous police officer would be more desirable as a function of law and order in society.  A virtuous police officer would recognize the value of information and intelligence and not cave into short- cuts such as police profiling of offenders.  A virtuous police officer would be able to diffuse tension filled situations with dialogue and discourse, navigating the rights of individuals and the needs of the social order.  They would refrain from police brutality, and rather seen diffusing without arousing greater anger as essential.  I think that a virtuous police officer would inspire trust as they modeled both leadership and honor in the uniform.  In this, I cannot help but see a virtuous police officer as being superior in nearly every situation to a police officer who lacks these qualities.


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