The Poisonwood Bible Questions and Answers
by Barbara Kingsolver

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In The Poisonwood Bible what figurative and rhetorical devices does Barbara Kingsolver use to separate Leah from her sisters?

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Leah's a tricky one, and can be more identified by what she doesn't do than what she does do.  Her lack of unique language use actually sets her apart from her sisters.  For example, Adah constantly uses plays on words and palindromes; palindromes are words that read the same whether read forwards or backwards (for example, "ma handed edna ham" as a sentence palindrome ).  Adah also uses rhymes, poetry, and other plays on words.  Adah's narrative is tinged with cynicism, sarcasm and a bit of darkness also.  So that sets her narrative apart.  Ruth May is little, so of course...

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