What is the point of view in the story "The Grave" by Katherine Anne Porter?

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choucksolace eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Katherine Ann Porter's "The Grave" is written in third person. However, the story is constructed from Miranda's childhood memories. The story begins in the past, introducing Miranda as a nine-year-old tomboy who enjoys accompanying her brother, Paul, on hunting trips. While rabbit hunting, the siblings pass through a graveyard. Their grandmother has recently died, and because her will demands that the family's land be sold, the bodies of their relatives have been exumed and moved to another cemetary. As Paul kills and guts a rabbit, Miranda discovers that the rabbit had been about to give birth. The sight of the unborn rabbits extracted from their mother's carcass haunts her memories for many years to come. At the end of the story, the adult Miranda reflects on her shame and guilt but also her relationship with her brother and the profound lesson she learned about the nature of life and death.

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