Point out why the Putnams speak of witchcraft directly when they learn that Betty is affected as well. Explain why they asked Tituba for help.

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The Putnam family has had a lot of kids.  8 so far.  Unfortunately, 7 of those 8 died before they were baptized.  Mrs. Putnam says that each of them was born healthy and without any problems, but that each began to slowly wither and die starting on the first night after birth. Mrs. Putnam believes it is the work of the Devil that caused that.  She does not believe it was by natural causes; therefore, she has no problem with speaking directly about witchcraft. 

Because she believes that it was the Devil and supernatural powers at work, she contacted Tituba.  Tituba supposedly has the power to conjure the spirits of the dead.  That would allow Tituba and the Putnams to find out who was killing their children. When Ruth and and Betty both become "sick," Mrs. Putnam sees similar signs and symptoms to her other children's deaths.  She believes that it must be the work of the devil and/or a witch in their midst.