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Point out a few persuasive techniques in the article by providing a quote that demonstrates the technique and its intended effect to the reader. The article is in the link below:

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I think that one of the most compelling arguments that come out of this article is how there is a rudderless existence in the world thought of today.  The fear of America's wayward path being forged on "demonizing" the other is something not to be dismissed for the writer believes that Australia is following the same path:

True, Australia is not America. But it's also true that we have changed a lot culturally, politically and linguistically. It is remarkable that a country proud of its relaxed and comfortable nature is now a nervous front-line state in an insidious, interminable war.

The implication here is that the openness and fluidity that used to define America and also used to define Australia is being replaced by a fear of "the other" and a belief that vigilance and nervousness mean one in the same in trying to grasp security in an insecure world.  The article brings forth the consequence in an amorphous "war on terror."  The result is that no one nation is safe from it, and this fear seems to be evident in the author's construction of Australia, an example of globalization at its very worst.

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