Analyze the poem ‘A Night Thought' by William Wordsworth.

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‘A Night Thought’ is a small yet thought-provoking lyrical poem by William Wordsworth. Divided into three stanzas with six lines each, the poem compares and contrasts the “happy” moon with the “smileless” man.

At the start of the poem, Wordsworth paints a beautiful picture of a moon-lit night sky. The word “sails” evokes a fascinating image in the readers’ mind. The sky appears like an endless deep sea and the moon a luminous ship voyaging at its easy and unhurried pace.

Lo! where the Moon along the sky
Sails with her happy destiny;

The image of the calm and content moon is juxtaposed with that of the unhappy and dissatisfied man. Readers don’t miss the satire when humans...

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