poetic diction Describe Wordsworth's concept of poetic diction? plz answer in detail  

i-am-urmi | Student

It has been generally supposed that Wordsworth’s theory of poetic language is merely a reaction against, and a criticism of, ‘the Pseudo Classical’ theory of poetic diction. But such a view is partially true. His first impulse was less a revolt against Pseudo-classical diction, “than a desire to find a suitable language for the new territory of human life which he was conquering for poetic treatment”. His aim was to deal in his poetry with rustic and humble life and to advocate simplicity of theme. Moreover, he believed that the poet is essentially a man speaking to men and so he must use such a language as is used by men. The pseudo classicals advocated that the language of poetry is different form the language of prose while Wordsworth believes that there is no essential difference between them. The poet can communicate best in the language which is really used by men. He condemns the artificial language. Thus William Wordsworth prefers the language really used by common men.