In the poem, what does the poet seek to convey?  

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literaturenerd eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Walt Whitman, in his poem "A Noiseless Patient Spider," seems to wish that people, when regarding life, will look more deeply into the things around them.

The speaker, instead of taking things at face value (as initially seen in the first stanza), wishes to look deeper into the existence of things. He readily admits that his soul, and therefore mankind, exists within  "measureless oceans of space." Without being considerate of this, one can become lost.

Therefore, the speaker, or Whitman, wishes to convey the importance of desire for knowledge, seeking out of connections in life, and not stopping until a bridge has been found to make the connections.

For Whitman, it seems that he finds patience one of the great virtues. He wishes this virtue to be as important to those around his as well.

sbalu | Student

The poet makes a strong case for establishing  a firm link of mutual undestanding with the help of which a constructive relationship with the fellow humanbeings can be made possible by way of appreciating their ethos,culture,values,and aspirations. As long as this link is not put in place, people will contiue to live in "measueless oceans of space", torn asunder by distrust, suspicion,discord and oneupmanship.

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