In the poem "Same Song" by Pat Mora, how do the son and daughter feel about the way they look? What word gives you a clue?"Same Song" by Pat Mora

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accessteacher eNotes educator| Certified Educator

It is important to note the element of parallelism that exists between the two stanzas and the two separate descriptions of the speaker's son and daughter. Both of them spend lots of time focussed on their own body and the way they look. We are given descriptions of how the daughter gets up extra early to curl her hair and how she "squeezes into fades jeans" and applies make-up. Likewise, her son is shown to stay up late and spend lots of time working out and jogging to improve his physical appearance. However, in spite of all of these efforts, both of them are shown to look into the mirror and "frown" at what they see. This one word indicates Mora's sadness at the way society produces teenagers that are so unhappy with their physical appearance and cannot accept themselves for the way they are. Society has produced people who are always striving to make themselves more beautiful, more toned or more attractive rather than producing people who are happy in themselves.