What do we learn about the things that affect our lives by reading the poem, "Piano," by D. H. Lawrence?

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beateach eNotes educator| Certified Educator

While reading “Piano” by D.H. Lawrence we are reminded that it is the unpretentious, perhaps mundane, times spent with loved ones that are important in life. The speaker is listening to a woman playing the piano and singing when he is transported back to his youth, “Taking me back down the vista of the years, until I see a child sitting under the piano.” He becomes that small child whose mother sings and plays the piano on cold winter evenings with him actually touching her feet as she plays. He becomes melancholy in his reminiscing, weeping like a child while remembering times gone by. It is interesting that he does not remember anything material from his past, but the thoughts of those times spent with his mother, in the cozy parlor, listening to her playing hymns on the piano can take him from being a man to a weeping child. The simple things in life; shared experiences are what create memories and evoke deep emotions.

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