In the poem Lament by Gillian Clarke, what does the sixth stanza mean? Also, who is "ahmed at the closed border" and why do we lament for him?School stuff, studing this poem :)

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pohnpei397 eNotes educator| Certified Educator

This whole poem, according to the poet, is about the Persian Gulf War from back in 1991.

The sixth stanza mentions a few animals in particular.  The poet says that they were listed by the Friends of the Earth as animals that were endangered by the war.  The animals are endangered and the sun is veiled by the oil that was spilled and burned during this war.

Ahmed is, in my opinion, just a generic Arab name that she has chosen to stand for people in general.  We lament for him and for them because they are trapped in a country devastated by war.

kartavya | Student

see listen man ........... Ahmed is any person .. it could b a native or a soldier .... Ahmed is a common name over there - there is also surface meaning that Ahmed is other name of their God Allah ..... but the above meaning is appropriate .. Ahmed is basically a soldier who is standing at the border .... Ahmed could also be a native looking at his lands on the other side of the border in hope that he might , go over there again after the war is over ......