In the poem "Homework" by Jane Yolen, what is the person's attitude towards homework?

Expert Answers
stolperia eNotes educator| Certified Educator

The narrator doesn't like doing homework, and finds every possible excuse to avoid doing it.

Activities that are unpleasant are undertaken in order to put off starting work on homework. The narrator is willing to pick up stinky socks, "clean the litter box", and carry the garbage out of the house before beginning his/her studies.

Activities that can be made to take lots of time are preferred. The narrator will "wash my hair and take an hour combing out the snags and tangles there" to procrastinate awhile longer.

Activities that involve some of the activities that homework can include but that aren't actually assignments are preferred. The narrator would rather write a thank you letter to "Great Aunt Myrt" for a sweater that isn't the right size than to do the writing assigned for homework.

The final stanza of the poem summarizes the narrator's feelings. When the narrator has homework, s/he finds as many other activities as possible to do instead!

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