In "The Flower-Fed Buffaloes," why does the poet use "flower-fed" to describe the buffaloes? What image does this bring to mind?3-4 lines

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pohnpei397 eNotes educator| Certified Educator

To me, the poet uses the phrase "flower-fed" as a way of talking about how the buffalo were part of nature.  It brings to mind images of buffalo roaming wild, and also of the beauty nature (it could have just been "grass-fed" but that wouldn't have sounded beautiful).

The poem is talking about how the natural landscape that used to exist has been destroyed by the coming of civilization.  By calling the buffalo "flower-fed" the poet shows the buffalo as a part of a beautiful natural landscape and makes us sad that the landscape has been destroyed.

cheeky29995 | Student

It makes the buffaloes sound more innocent and harmless than they already are, which makes the reader pity them. It also sounds more dramatic when one says flower fed. A very nice image is conjured in one's head and when one thinks of the buffaloes being shot from the trains, while eating flowers. It breaks your heart to see innocent, helpless and harmless animals being killed as a recreational activity. It's to emphasize on the destruction man has done. Hope this helps :)

gvansaru | Student

The poet uses 'flower-fed' to describe the buffaloes it is the season of spring and the prairie is full of flowers that the buffaloes feed on.

sudipta123 | Student

they are reffered to as flower fed because it is season of springand praire is full of flowers that feed on. 


hesham1996 | Student

To  me Lindsay uses the phrase  ''flower fed'' to show that nature is demolished by mankind(modern technology and civilisation) therefor it ruined the buffaloes habitat and the plants which he feeds on so flower fed is acctually like feeding on flowers which are buffaloes do.

dianas86 | Student

to show how nature has really been destroyed as a result of civilisation in the poem like locomotives in places of buffaloes in the palce of transportation..........

fredrick82 | Student

its a technqu used to describe a contardictory event..a unworthy bieng gets rewarded ....its like a beggar got married to a queen