In poem "If" what are the obstacles the leader has to overcome to become a man?

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According to the poem "If", there are many qualities one must possess to become a leader.

-One must be able to keep their "cool" even when everyone around them is "losing it."

-One must trust in them self, even when doubted by others.

-Be patient.

- Don't lie, talk too educated, or concern ones self with hatred.

-You must be able to dream and think, but do not let either rule you.

-One must deal the same with failures as successes.

-You can deal with defeat and begin again.

-You will "go all in" with everything you have because you believe in it.

-You believe in everything about yourself, to the most minute thread of muscle and tendon.

-You can talk with anyone- Kings and common alike.

These are the things Kipling states one needs to be a man.

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