In the poem To the Diaspora by Gwendolyn Brooks, what is "Afrika?"  

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Gwendolyn Brooks writes poetry from her heart and as she sees it. She admits that her upbringing and experiences dictate the type of poet that she is and she embraces and challenges conditions in which Black people, specifically for this poem, often find themselves. In To The Diaspora, Brooks draws attention to an age old problem of identity as people strive to identify with their roots in order to enrich their lives. She is determined to leave a legacy. 

Diaspora is a word often associated with the Jewish people who historically, in exile settled in countries and continents far removed from their origins and which gave the word its negative connotations because of the harsh conditions which often accompanied such forced separation and relocation. More recently diaspora has become more of a consciousness and a recognition that no matter where in the world a person may find themselves, they will always have a special connection to their roots.

Brooks wants to make African-Americans aware...

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