How can I organize my Poem on Cheez-it crackers? 11 sentences long!

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Any poem on Cheez-it crackers should prove delicious.  Here is how I recommend that you set up the organization of your poem:

Lines 1-3:

Use imagery and bold descriptive words to describe the smell, taste, and crunchiness of the Cheez-its.

Lines 4-6:

Describe the first time you ever ate a Cheez-it and what your reaction was to its delicious cheesiness.  Use a simile to define your experience: like, 'eating the Cheez-it was better than Christmas morning.'

Lines 7-9:

Give details on the many uses of Cheez-it crackers: as a snack, with soups, like chips with a sandwich.  It is such a versatile little cracker.  Use figurative language (like a metaphor or simile) to compare how useful or wonderful the cracker is to some other unrelated object or thing. 

Lines 10-11:

Last two lines of your poem should deliver some hard-hitting truth about the beauty and validity of the Cheez-it, a gift from heaven as surely as unique as the soft-petalled daisies or the nightingale's song.  We should all learn to treasure Cheez-it crackers as more than just a snack, but a way of life.  This is a fun idea for a poem, and I highly recommend that you incorporate as much figurative language into the poem as possible. 

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             Cheeze its !


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         Fabulous to Eat

      Go great with Coke

  Must be quite intelligent

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