In the poem 'A Birthday' by Christina Rossetti how does the poet express the mood of celebration effectively?

James Pike | Student

Well I'll try to keep it brief. First look at the multi sensual imagery - almost all positive. The word choice also includes hyperbole and describes luxury.

A good point that I wrote in my exam is the beat. Each line is in the iambic meter, that of a heartbeat. dah-dum, dah-dum,dah-dum. This is almost like skipping, it is short and happy.

anjali989 | Student

This wonderfully happy poem was written when the English poet Christina Rossetti , and expresses the tremendous joy and excitement that you may feel when you see or meet the person you truly love.Well, look what the poet writes in line 15, when she says that her love coming to her is “the birthday of my life”, the day, she suggests, when her life really begins.Everything in the first stanza speaks of the happiness she sees around her, and the repeated expression ‘My heart is like . . . ‘ stresses this joy, but she says at the end of the first stanza that she is even happier than all of these things. The second stanza says that she would like to surround herself with the richest and most exotic things to celebrate the arrival of “my love”. Look at how the language changes between each stanza – in the first (apart from the word ‘halcyon’) it is simple and easy, while in the second it is much richer and less everyday.