Poe is a master at creating an eerie, suspenseful mood in his stories. What some examples in the text that illustrate this mood?

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One of the ways Poe builds this eerie mood is through crafting an unreliable narrator. We are told in the opening sentence that our narrator has withstood a "thousand injuries of Fortunato," yet we never do find out how Fortunato has managed to push Montresor to murder. The fact that there is no evidence that Fortunato was in the least deserving of this death makes us wonder whether our narrator is sane. Should we believe this story?

The sense of suspense builds when Montresor plays to Fortunato's weakness of pride and lures him directly in the trap he has laid. Fortunato "prided himself on his connoisseurship in wine," and Montresor tells him that he has "received a pipe of what passes for Amontillado," but that he doubts its authenticity. As expected, Fortunato cannot help himself and basically begs to go with Montresor to inspect it, walking right into the tomb of his death.

Montresor convinces Fortunato to continue into the catacombs through even more flattery. He tells Fortunato that...

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