Plzz can u tell me something about the main charcter in "The Last Leaf"?  

rani16 | Student

"The Last Leaf" written by O'Henry is a touching tale of humanity determination and self-sacrifice. In my opinion, the protagonist of the story is Behrman, an epitome of humanity and hope. He is dauntless, humane, spirited, yet unsuccessful painter, who sacrifices his life to save Johnsy, a young girl, terminally ill, suffering from pneumonia. As she remains ill in bed, she glances upon an ivy tree, shedding all its leaves. Therefore, in morbidity, she develops the idea thet she would die, whwn the last leaf of the Ivy tree falls. Mr. Behrman walks out in the rainy night, to paint a leaf on the branch of the ivy tree. He accomplishes his task, but catches pneumonia and dies. This reflects his philantropic nature, his fatherly affection, his noble spirit and his undying spirit. To make one live, he decided to leave. A true hero, who was hard on the outside, but was even more soft and gentle at heart.


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