I need a summary, analysis or some explanation for the following poem, plz i need it very fast.  It's Not Growing Like a Tree  by Ben Jonson

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coachingcorner eNotes educator| Certified Educator

The poem 'It is not growing like a tree' by Ben Jonson has a theme of estimating worth or value. At the beginning of the poem he is saying something akin to the old saying 'brain versus brawn' where a man's value is measured in terms of strength alone. Ben Jonson uses the word 'bulk' - in other words just because something is bigger than everything else, doesn't mean to say it's better. Value is relative and subjective and different people have different ways of measuring different attributes. Some people,for instance, may value a lily over a tree for it's scent or the beauty of it's petals. A similar old saying runs ' there's good goods in small packages' or ' one diamond is worth more than a thousand bags of coal.' Ben Jonson is wanting us to look closely at things and to be careful how we estimate their worth because appearances can be deceptive.