The Great Gatsby Questions and Answers
by F. Scott Fitzgerald

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How can a student write a literary analysis for Chapter 5 of The Great Gatsby from  "instead of taking the short cut along the sound" to     "i've never seen such- such beautiful shirts"    

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Chapter Five of The Great Gatsby illustrates the charm of money for Daisy, a material charm in which Gatsby has invested as he hopes to repeat the past. This chapter is climactic as Jay Gatsby finally reunites with his fair maiden, Daisy Buchanan. In fact, Gatsby experiences three psychological states:


  1. He is reunited with his love, Daisy, after five years of planning for the moment.
  2. He experiences embarrassment, then "unreasoning joy" at his reunion with his love in Nick's cottage.
  3. He is "consumed with wonder at her presence" when Daisy is physically present in his mansion; the experience is a dream come true for Gatsby, like a fairy tale. 

As Gatsby takes Daisy and Nick to his house, Daisy is in awe of the mansion's...

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