Explain how I can analyze the first three paragraphs in Chapter 10 of Jane Eyre (or how to analyze a passage from the novel in general). 

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The three first chapters involve an account of events happened at Lowood school. The passage is relevant to distinguish the child Jane and the adult Jane. Moreover, the passage tells about an important event in the story of Lowood school, the typhus epidemic that has killed a number of pupils. Furthermore, the narrator voice tells us about Mr. Brocklehurst, who is a significant character in the plot.

Thus, in order to perform a passage analysis, one should carry out a close reading of the passage. In this way, one should retain the following:

  • the tone of the passage and how is it conveyed. In this case, one could say that the tone is nostalgic and benevolent.
  • The point of view. Here we have a first person retrospective narrator.
  • Analyse the diction of the passage. In this passage, the word choice is rather precise and literal to befit the plot. Here the author is only interesting to summarize certain events such as the typhus epidemic and the dismissal of Mr. Brocklehurst.

Conclusively, this passage is an important piece of the plot to indicate that Jane has successfully surpassed some harsh episodes of her childhood.

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