A critical analysis of "To India My Native Land " by Derozio?

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Ashley Kannan eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Essentially, Derozio's poem recalls a vision of reality that is opposite from what is being experienced.  Derozio understood much about the true nature of Hindustan, or the nation before European colonization.  In the poem, there is an extolling of the pre- Colonial virtues in stark contrast to the reality of colonization.  There are several lines that indicate the reverence for the past.  An example of this would be the opening lines, which describe the nation before Colonization as a "beauteous halo" and experiences such as "glory" and "reverence" are felt.  At the same time, this is placed in stark contrast with the experience of India being colonized, where one experiences the beloved nation as one where the nation grovels "in the lowly dust" or the freedom of the eagle has been "pinned down at last."  Such a state is "a sad story of thy misery."  This gives birth to the ending of the poem which seeks to establish what can be from what was.

chrisbond437 | Student

In this poem, Derozio personifies India and talks about her in a monologue. Derozio talks about the glorious past of India, is evidently unhappy with the British rule in India, and refers to the same in the line “The eagle pinion is chained down at last“, where eagle refers to India. Derozio wishes to bring back the glorious past of India by “diving into the depths of time“ and bringing back “small fragments of those wrecks sublime.

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