I just want to know most major differences between a computer keyboard and a typewriter?

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While a computer keyboard and a typewriter keyboard look very similar, they work in very different ways.  A computer keyboard generally allows a user to type letters into a computer and these letters are then displayed on the screen.  Of course, the computer can usually print these letters onto a paper, but the keyboard itself does not print the letters in actual ink.  Keys on the computer keyboard rely on electronic circuits which are translated by the computer into letters.  A typewriter keyboard is far more direct.  This type of keyboard does not complete a circuit but rather moves mechanical parts (of course, some newer typewriters do use an electronic circuit, but that circuit still moves a mechanical part rather than sending a signal to a computer).  A typewriter keyboard generally allows the user to print ink letters directly onto a piece of paper.  The keys usually activate a hammer or turn a circular device covered in letters.  Then, the key causes the mechanism to be pressed against an ink strip which presses the corresponding letter onto a page.  Both keyboards fulfill the same function, to allow the user to type out letters.

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type writers are less expensive and are made by different people. they also both look very different and a type writer is not very popular, and has no screen. also a type writer can only type, while a computer can do many things,in contacting friends or learning things

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