Plz give an answer. When boys do take self sex fun by themselves, ( you know what i means) how does it affects to their health?

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pacorz eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Be aware that I am answering you exclusively from the standpoint of physical health; how one feels about the morality of masturbation is a completely separate issue; if you feel very uncomfortable with the topic, you may want to discuss your feelings with a counselor, a doctor, or a clergy person.

Masturbation is a very common and safe way for young men and women going through puberty to explore their new sexual feelings. There is no evidence at all that it is unhealthy or that doing it can hurt you. In fact, masturbation can be a safe and healthy way to release stress.

There are many stories and sayings about why one should not masturbate, but they are just that - stories.


prfrbest | Student

well, its a good thing to be curious at this age. the thing you ask for has crossed the minds of nearly everyone who do "that" and also are aware of the health issues.

many researches have been carried out in the topic from a long time and many have had had a misconception on the disadvantages of it. but the facts say that it has no direct affects on people.

The advantages are that you feel good after having it done, then you become more concentrated, you get relaxed and out of the tensions. But it may lead you to insensivity to sex, and so on if you become overly obsessed towards it.

Though many myths have been invented and carried out for a long time, facts speak for themselves that the "right" amount of a thing is never hazardous. But you need to understand the boarderline or right-ness first!!