In the play Greetings by Tom Dudzick, what exactly is the plot? A christmas play!!

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The exposition of the play Greetings by Tom Dudzick is set on Christmas Eve at the home of Phil and Emily Gorski, an old-fashioned and extremely Catholic family. The son of the couple, Andy, is on a plane on his way to the house along with his fiancee, Randi Stein, so that he can introduce his future wife to his parents. It is obvious from the stage directions and the setting that the Gorski's are very traditional and bound to the older order of things: the husband is the dominant, judgemental "old man" a la Archie Bunker, while the wife is the subservient and submissive character. Along with the Gorskis lives Mickey, a 23 year old (sometimes portrayed as a 30 year old)...

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