If a plumber is paid $7.70 per hour, what would she earn in a 35 hour week?

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The rate of the earning of the plumber is $7.70. It is asked to know the earning in a 35 hour week.

It is  just multiplication of rate of earning per hour  * number of hours  worked that gives the total earning for the number of hours worked.

Therefore the plumber earns $7.70 * 35 = $269.5.

The multiplication is done as follows:

7.70*35 = (7.70)30 +(7.5)*5

7.7*35 = 231.00+38.50

7.7*35 = 269.50.

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We know that the plumber is paid $7.70 per hour. In a week there are 35 hours. Let's assume the plumber is paid for each of the 35 hours in the 35 hour week.

So the amount that she earns is the product of $7.70 and 35.

The amount she would earn is


=> 269.5

The required amount that the plumber earns in a 35 hour week at $7.70 per hour is $ 269.5

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