The Death of the Heart Questions and Answers
by Elizabeth Bowen

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Can I please have a summary of this book "The Death of the Heart"? Please I need your help, I was trying to find a book here in Mexico City . And now I need a great summary of this book "The Death Of The Heart" by Elizabeth Bowen,

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Portia is an sixteen year old orphan who is taken in by her halfbrother (Thomas) and his wife (Anna).  They have a luxurious home in London, but they are "emotionally sterile" after their parents' deaths. Portia does not fit into the world of Thomas and Anna, so she seeks out Eddie for friendship and love.  Because of the emotional distance Portia feels in their house, she never feels at home or comfortable there.

Portia writes in her diary, but eventually finds that Anna reads her diary, so she has to be careful what she puts in there.  This becomes a major issue between Portia and Anna.  When Thomas and Anna want to vacation in Capri, they don't want her along, so they leave her with Anna's former nanny in Seale-on-Sea.  While there, she enjoys herself so much more than in London. It's entertaining for her and not so cold emotionally.  She has Eddie visit, but that doesn't go well, as he misbehaves and gets drunk.

When she returns home, she is faced once again with Anna and the problem of Anna reading her diary. Anna tries to run away, but she does not get far.  She will have to return back to their cold London home and remain miserable.

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