A plot synopsis of And Then There Were None? (do not give any crucial information towards the plot, keep the suspense please)

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Kristen Lentz eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Agatha Christie's thrilling mystery, And Then There were None, tells the story of eight random people who have been invited to Indian Island, off the coast of England.  At first the eight guests all suppose they have been invited for different reasons, like a possible job or to visit an old friend.  When they arrive on the estate, the housekeeper and butler inform them that they are guests of a curious Mr. Owen, whom they have never met before. 

As the guests all sit down after dinner, a recorded voice greets them and accuses each one of them of having committed murder and never been caught.  The guests panic, fearing that perhaps the mysterious Mr. Owen has more in mind for them than just an enjoyable holiday weekend.  The eight strangers collectively brainstorm for a suitable course of action--like leaving the island--when the first one among them dies...

The remaining guests discover that they are to be murdered, one by one, according to the types of deaths in the nursery rhyme "Ten Little Indians."

And Then There Were None is a carefully crafted thriller, about a house party of guests, each with murder in their own backgrounds, an ingenious killer who would like nothing more than to kill them off one by one.

yamaguchit | Student

Although I love the novel And Then There Were None, and could certainly give you a synopsis of the entire book, there actually is already one posted up on eNotes' webpage!

I will include it at the bottom of the link, so make sure to check it out. It provides details on all the characters, the story and how it plays out, as well as details on the specific events that led to all the deaths of each of the character's.