plot linei need help on 15-20 major events (beginning to end) from the hunger games novel 

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The first events involve Katiniss hunting with Gale in the woods, even though it's illegal. Then Katniss's sister is chosen in the reaping and Katniss takes her place. Peeta is also chosen. The pair meet Haymitch, the mentor. Their stylists make a splash. They see the capital and begin training. During the interviews, Peeta announces that he loves Katniss. Peeta teams with the careers. Katniss gets gifts from Haymitch. Katniss teams with Rue to blow up the careers' supplies. The rule change is announced. Katniss develops a romantic connection with Peeta in exchane for gifts from Maymitch. Peeta picks poisonous berries and Foxface dies eating them. They fight the mutts at the cornucopia. The rule change is reversed. They make a suicide pact and are both declared winners. During the aftermath Katniss realizes she has committed a revolutionary act.
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I think there was a discussion just like this a few weeks ago with some really good ideas; you might check there as well.  I suggest that you choose events that build on Katniss' characterization and her relationships with other characters.  Think in terms of what Collins' goal was to show you about Katniss through each event.

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This depends some on whether you're going in order of how things are seen in the book or in the chronological order in which they happened.  For chronological order, I'd start with the rebellion.  Then I'd skip to the time when Katniss's father died.  I would put in the time when Peeta gave her the burned bread.  Then I'd say that when Katniss started hunting was a major event as well.  From there, I'd skip to the reaping.  How's that for a start?

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talk about the spear slatch arow katniss firesn at the judges during training

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