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What are some possible topics I could use to write a fictional conversation with a person on the beach in Puerto Rico?

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As eNotes editors, we cannot write your essay for you, but here are some suggestions to help you get started.  I will throw in some Spanish vocabulary (in parentheses) that might come in handy with those topics.

Imagine that this meeting is actually taking place, and you are the tourist (turista) that runs into the native of Puerto Rico on the beach (playa).  You might ask how long (Cuanto tiempo) he has lived (vivir) in Puerto Rico, and if he knows any good places to eat (restaurantes) nearby (cerca).

He might respond by asking where (donde) you are from and if you like (le gusta) Puerto Rico, and what kind of food (comida) you like.  Then he could give you a couple of options for restaurants to eat at.  Think about what kinds of restaurants you might find in Puerto Rico, such as seafood (comida del mar) or traditional Latin food (comida tradicional).

Hope that helps!

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