Please write other ideas to the following or add to the following ideas based on Robinson Crusoe: he did not know the value of life, unfaithful, false repentence.

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accessteacher eNotes educator| Certified Educator

I assume that you are refering to Crusoe's life before his experience on the island. Crusoe displays every characteristic of an individual who is unhappy with life and unsettled. This can be expressed through his relationship with his parents and the way in which he keeps on intending to visit them, but finds that distractions in the form of new excitement and adventure prevent him from fulfilling his promise to visit them. For example, after the terrible storm he experiences on his passage to London, he vows to visit his parents, shaken up by nearly dying. However, when he reaches London, having survived, he forgets this promise and goes off to Guinea, filled with the excitement of adventure and discovering new lands.

His restlessness is again demonstrated after he has attained a life of some physical comfort. After gaining his Brazilian sugar plantation and enjoying wealth and success, he still remains incredibly restless and is obviously searching for something else. This all points towards the fact that he is unsure of the value and purpose of his life. I am not sure where you get the last two points from, however.