Please help me write a persuasive letter on the topic of ANIMAL CRUELTY.

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Whether you are writing a persuasive letter or essay, persuasion must be considered first.  If your topic is cruelty to animals, you need to think of examples of cruelty and what your viewpoint is.  Are you considering animal testing of cosmetics, animal testing of drugs, cruelty exhibited by owners or zookeepers?  Narrow down the idea to what you want to discuss.  Then, choose your viewpoint.  If you choose animal testing, are you against testing for cosmetics but for the testing of drugs?  What reasons would you use to support your point of view?   Then, the information must be put into the form of a letter.  I assume you will use a formal business letter, so you must check your notes or textbook on the format of a business letter.  Be sure to state your viewpoint clearly and back it up with good proof.  I have a bias here in that animal testing for drugs turned up the only drug which allowed my son to not be institutionalized , so I am very much in favor of drug testing on animals as it saved my son.

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nice topic.u can firstly make  some point regarded your topic then u should observe it in society  and behaviour of people .mention people veiw's about it ,then u should mention your own point of veiw and suggestions also

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