Please write in detail about the "concept of nationalism" in The Home and the World.

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You have touched upon THE most important theme in The Home and the Worldnationalism!  This is so because the entire book is a reaction to the Swadeshi Movement which is precisely the drive towards Indian independence from British rule and, therefore, nationalism for that particular cultural group.  Nationalism, of course, is the idea that every ethnicity (or ethnic group of people) should be self-ruled, and not governed over by any other ethnicity or authority.  It is this detail, the specific name of the movement (the Swadeshi Movement) that is the most important detail in regard to the concept of nationalism in The Home and the World

The first (and very important) detail to reveal is that Tagore's book is actually about the "second" Swadeshi movement, which is about the partition of Bengal.  This partitioning by Britain was meant to weaken Indian nationalism in 1905, and the result was this Swadeshi movement which was specifically a boycott against all things imported from...

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