Naming and Necessity Questions and Answers
by Saul Kripke

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Please write an in-depth summary of Naming and Necessity by Saul Kripke. This is a study guide question posted by eNotes Editorial. Please note that this material is intended to supplement the information presented in our eNotes study guide.

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Naming and Necessity by Saul Kripke is a work on the subject of "analytical philosophy," focused on the topic of "philosophy of language." This means it makes the assumption that many fundamental philosophical questions can be answered by analysis of language or how one talks about an issue. This work was originally published in book form in 1980, but was actually based on three lectures given at Princeton University. It begins with an "Overview," discusses the theory of naming, then includes three lectures followed by a conclusion. The lectures are:

Lecture I: January 20, 1970
Lecture II: January 22, 1970
Lecture III: January 29, 1970

The book begins by examining the history of how analytic philosophers have discussed the problem of naming. Kripke...

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