La Belle Zoraïde Questions and Answers
by Kate Chopin

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Please write an in-depth summary of La Belle Zoraïde by Kate Chopin. This is a study guide question posted by eNotes Editorial. Please note that this material is intended to supplement the information presented in our eNotes study guide.

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This story begins with an old enslaved woman, Manna Loulou, preparing to tell a story to her white mistress in order to help the woman fall asleep in the heat of the bayou. As is typical of Chopin's stories, this story is set in Creole Louisiana. Manna Loulou decides to tell her mistress the true story about a beautiful, mixed-race slave called la belle Zoraïde. Zoraïde was a favorite of her mistress and godmother, Madame Delarivière, and this mistress hoped and planned for Zoraïde to marry a well-bred slave belonging to the Doctor Langlé. However, Zoraïde does not like M'sieur Ambroise, the doctor's slave, because she thinks that he is cruel and false as a snake. For this reason, Zoraïde continues to tell her mistress that she is not ready to marry and is too happy to leave her mistress's side just yet.

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