Please tell me in these newspaper headlines, whether the ambiguity is "syntactic" or "semantic"? And please teach me how to do too. Many thanks. 1-"Eye drops off shelf", 2- "Prostitutes appeal to pope", 3- "Kids make nutritious snacks" 4-"Stolen painting found by tree" 5-"Lung cancer in women mushrooms".

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Semantic ambiguity occurs when there are different meanings or uses of a word, and syntactic ambiguity occurs when the arrangement of words creates ambiguity.

The first example is a case of semantic ambiguity because the meaning of "eye drops" may be that "eye" is a noun, and "drops" is a verb, or it may be that "eyedrops" is one word, which is a noun.

The second example is a semantic ambiguity, too, based on the two different meanings of the word "appeal."  One meaning is that one is asking someone for something, for example,"I...

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