Please tell me what steps should India take in next five years to become a prosperous and secure nation.Please give me some points.

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Ashley Kannan eNotes educator| Certified Educator

There will be many points that should generate a great deal of debate with this question.  I would suggest that one particular point that India must make is how to forge some level of alliances with its global neighbors.  The relationships with China on the economic end and Pakistan on the domestic security end will help to determine a great measure of India's success.  I think that a China and Indian economic alliance could be formidable on the world stage, as both nations would boast a two billion consumer market.  At the same time, material prosperity can only be fully recognized if there is a clear articulation with Pakistan about the nature of domestic security and internal threats.  Most of India's challenges with domestic terror can be traced to a political problem with Pakistan, and whether this means some type of intelligence sharing venture or attempting to resolve the Jammu- Kashmir debate, or seek to reesetablish a sense of connection with this part of the subcontinent, India must seek the diplomatic courage to open this avenue.  At the same time, I would say that in order for India's democracy to continue to be politically viable, education must be provided in a more equal and clear manner to all of its citizens.

krishna-agrawala | Student

The way Indian economy is making progress for the last few years, is fairly rapid and impressive. Continuation of the same trend in the next five years should result in substantial advancement in prosperity as compared to developed countries. However, complacency can be disastrous for any country. Also there is no harm to give further fillip to growth rate in future. With this attitude I would like to suggest the following ares of improvement for aster development of India's economic prosperity and security.

  • India's achievement in the field of information technology, particularly in software development has been very impressive and very much talked about. But it is worth noting that most of India's software and other IT services companies, including IT based business process outsourcing derive a very big chunk of their business from overseas business. This means that India is not able to make much use of IT to improve the effectiveness and efficiency of its business and other economic operations. This also reflects the low priority given by Indian business to improve quality, effectiveness and efficiency. I believe, that to become a major economic power in the world, it is necessary to develop the best capabilities in much wider sphere of technology, rather than just providing services to other companies and business that use such services to achieve high level of efficiency and effectiveness.
  • Performance of industries is being harmed by narrow considerations of regionalism and casts. While the need to provide support support to under developed regions and under-privileged sections cannot be denied. I very much doubt if their interest is best served by helping them in ways that bring down the level of performance in businesses and public life. Any preferential treatment to specific region or set of people should pass the test of a proper cost benefit analysis. Of the various practices adopted in name of social justice, the one that hurts the country most, is denying opportunities for to those who can serve national interest best, by assigning responsibilities for such work and result to the incapable and incompetent. I believe all scheme enforced by government for preferential treatment for employment based on caste or region should be replaced by schemes to develop the capabilities of such under privileged people so that they can contribute to the national wealth. National wealth cannot be increased by just consuming it without contributing to its creation.
  • There is a need to cut down on corruption and inefficiency in the government. This can be done very effectively by employing information technology. The right to information act has made some impact. But already there are moves from many government to limit the scope of this act on many different pretexts. I believe by developing and implementing effective systems that monitor and control performance of individual in government jobs, performance of the country as a whole will improve automatically.
gpbk | Student

Firstly for becoming prosperous nation India has some positive factors like
1) Large Domestic Market, 2) Higher spending capacity of Middle and Upper Middle Class, 3) Huge Human Mass for doing work at cheap rates, 4) Low Internal Competition when compared to Quantity of heads

India should do the following things to be prosperous:

1) Promoting National Brands
2) Charging good royalties on export of monopoly goods
3) Developing Energy Sources for Heavy Industries.
4) Stopping people to move towards Americanization by charging huge taxes from the malls and luxury amenities
5) By making Govt Sectors work like private sectors following strict working protocols.
6) By employing Federal Mode of elections i.e. allowing only two parties to contest for presidency as in USA rather than having so many regional and religious parties.
7) By amending our constitution in matter related to political code of conduct and nature.
8) Cabinets and Ministries should be assigned to qualifying persons/politicians with good respective educational background or experience.
9) Cost cutting at Government Expenses,
10) Basic increase in salaries should be done
11) stop issuing licences to engineering colleges and medical colleges.. it should be limited to sound students only.. thus making a quality talent pool with really qualifies
12) infrastructure development should be in hands of government allied companies so that government earns and transform themselves as per the trends..
13) Privatization should be done of loss-making gov. sectors.
14) Giving the Unique Identification Number to citizens and making it a standalone mandatory requirement for all ids and bank transactions.. thus controlling black money and getting proper taxes from the citizens.
15) Developing basic facilities for people on work to eat basis..
16) Eliminating Corruption by taking certain decisive steps which are being ignored by politicians for their benefits.
17) Military rule should be applied to nation for atleast 5 years to make the citizen's conscience right..
18) Military education should be compulsory for all citizen to nurture the patriotic feeling in them...
19) following ISRAEL's way of developing.

To make India secure following steps should be taken:
1) Increasing technology use in defence
2) upgrading technology in air and naval defence
3) Providing better safety suits to soldiers so their lives can be saved..
4) Using automated robots for patrolling and high risk areas to avoid human loss
5) employing best inclass fighter jets, missiles, tanks, and other equipments.
6) Police force should be check for their health and should be trained as per Military codes
7) They should be pressurized to solve the cases fast and in time..
8) strong defensive actions to be taken on enemy countries to stop them from intruding or harassing citizens.