What helped to estabslish the church in the time known and the Great Awakening?

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The Great Awakening was a religious movement, which started in the 1720s and swept through the churches in America.

There are many factors in the strengthening of the church during this time. Let me name a few of them.

First, there was great revivalist preaching. The person who is best known for this is George Whitefield. He was actually a Englishman, but he travelled to the United States often to preach to large crowds. By all people's standards, he was one of the greatest preacher of his day and perhaps in church history. His cogent, passionate, and powerful appeal helped to build the church and to convert many. He even preached to Benjamin Franklin.

Second, The Great Awakening was also matched by great intellectual learning. The person that is best known for this is Jonathan Edwards. He was a great theologian and scholar. His writings are still loved and read today. This intellectual understanding of Christianity helped to make the Great Awakening well rounded.

Finally, the Great Awakening started some important institutions, such as Log College, which eventually turned into Princeton Seminary.