Please tell me name of one story by Ruskin Bond which deals with the same theme as The Tiger in the Tunnel.

Expert Answers
Ashley Kannan eNotes educator| Certified Educator

One of the themes of "The Tiger in the Tunnel" is the theme of resiliency and strength.  Despite hardships, characters are shown to be strong and rather impervious to the obstacles that life places in front of them.  Baldeo does not excessively enjoy his job, but he accepts it as part of his condition in life.  Tembu is destroyed with the death of his father, but he takes up his father's job and understands his function and purpose.  Even the tiger is shown to be resilient, as he is hit with the axe multiple times and still perseveres.  

The theme of resiliency is something that is seen in "The Tiger in the Tunnel" as well as in Bond's "Susanna's Seven Husbands."  Susanna is the victim of challenging upbringing.  Her mother dies early on and then her father died.  In each of her relationships with me, she is subject to abuse, pain, and a sense of suffering.  However, Susanna never relents in persevering.  She is strong enough to endure challenging times, and triumph over them.  Like the characters in "The Tiger in the Tunnel," Susanna represents strength.  It is conceded that her manner of resiliency might not be as socially acceptable as what it is seen in the narrative of Baldeo and Tembu.  However, the theme of resiliency in consciousness is evident and is reflected in both works.