Please tell me 5 to 6 personifications in The Da Vinci Code by Dan Brown.

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You asked about personification in The Da Vinci Code. The word personification comes from the Greek concept of hypostases: this is the abstract entity made to represent reality, e.g. the Christian doctrine of the Trinity where there are three hypostases (God in three persons), the Father, Son and Holy Ghost.

These hypostases (personifications) make up the fullness of being, Pleroma, rather than the void or Kenoma. Hypostases or personifications can mostly be seen in Italian Renaissance art. The Da Vinci Code is a story detailing the belief that the Church is suppressing the divine feminine, while promoting an exclusive patriarchal authority within the church.

Here are a few personifications Robert Langdon, the protagonist, refers to in The Da Vinci Code:

1) Eternal feminine principle called Sofia, the personification of female spiritual enlightenment.

In The Da Vinci Code, Sophie is the main female character. She is the personification of Sofia, the feminine face of God.

2) The Four Knights are charged with protecting the Holy Grail, the personification for female deity, in this case, Mary Magdalene.

3) Mary Magdalen as the personification of female power and authority in the Church.

In the novel, the tarot cards that are the subject of conversation between Robert Langdon and Sophie show that Mary Magdalene is the High Priestess (single state) and once married to Jesus (a blasphemy to many Christians), becomes the Empress. This Empress points to Venus/Aphrodite, goddesses of beauty, pleasure and sexual love.

4) Images of Venus, Ishtar, Aphrodite are personifications (hypostases) of the Magna Mater (matriarchal) ancient religions.

5) The Mona Lisa, personification of male and female in the divine (androgyny).

For personal enrichment, here are two sources, a secular thesis on the central religious tenets of The Da Vinci Code and a Christian thesis on the religious claims of The Da Vinci Code. Enjoy!

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