Please summarize the article below entitled "Politicians Courting the Privileged."

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The main point of this article is that politicians in India are starting to try to appeal to a new constituency.  This new constituency is the urban middle class.

The author of this piece argues that politicians in India once did not have to try to appeal to this group.  This was a group that once tended to look to other countries.  People from this class (which seems to include the fairly wealthy people as well) once aspired to leave the country.  However, they have now started to prefer to stay home and they are starting to want their politicians to pay more attention to their needs. 

The article then goes on to briefly discuss efforts being made by two politicians to reach out to this group.  These two politicians were Rahul Gandhi and Narendra Modi.  The article implies that the two of them were not very good at making pitches for the support of these voters.  The author lightly mocks the things that the two men said.

The article concludes by arguing that the middle class of the country has started to embrace politics and that it is no longer really interested in things like anticorruption crusades.  Instead, it just wants to have influence over the politicians.