Please summarize The Proposal by Anton Chekhov.

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The Proposal follows three characters, Chubukov (a landowner), Natalia (his daughter), and Lomov (their neighbor). In this play, Lomov arrives to ask for Natalia to marry him. After receiving permission from her father (who had first assumed that he had come to borrow money), he goes to speak to Natalia.

When bringing up the subject of his proposal, Lomov brings up the respective histories of their two families as neighbors and, in that context, introduces the subject of his ownership of the "Oxen Meadows." This begins the dispute, because Natalia claims that the meadows are actually still property to her own family. The play then descends into an argument over who has the right to said property, an argument which causes Lomov to be driven out of the house in physical distress.

It is at this point that Chubukov mentions that Lomov had actually come to ask her hand in marriage. Eager to be married herself, Natalia now shows an abrupt change of heart. Lomov is brought back, but very soon they begin another dispute, this time over who has the better dog.

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The title of Anton Chekhov`s play  `A Marriage Proposal ' is sometimes also translated as 'The Proposal' in english – both titles refer to the same play. The play is a one act comedy that makes some serious points about how marriage, for the middle class, has become an economic transaction.

The three characters in the play are the father,  Stepan Stepanovich Choobookov, his daughter, Natalia Stepanovna, and their neighbor, Ivan Vassilievich Lomov,

Lomov is visiting the house of Choobookov for the purpose of prosing to Natal;ia. He first asks the father`s permission, which is granted. The rest of the play is mainly comedy. Lomov keeps getting in arguments with Natalia and having (quasi-imaginary) palpitations and fainting fits, and the father needs to intervene (1) to explain to Natalia that Lomov wants to marry to her and (2) to distract them from their arguing to enure the marriage is planned and goes ahead. 

The main point is that the marriage is due entirely to necessity.

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