A People's History of the United States Questions and Answers
by Howard Zinn

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Please summarize chapters 6-12 of A People's History of the United States by Howard Zinn. 

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These seven chapters cover a variety of different subjects.  The only thing that they really have in common is that they all tend to support Howard Zinn’s general thesis.  In these chapters (as in other chapters of the book), Zinn is arguing that the United States has been a country that has oppressed various members of its society.  In this answer, I will give only a brief summary of each chapter since no more will fit in the space provided.  Please follow the link below for more extensive summaries.

Chapter 6 is entitled “The Intimately Oppressed.”  The idea of this chapter is that the white men of Revolutionary America tended to oppress two groups—African Americans and women—with whom they had close relations.  Zinn argues that white American males used revolutionary egalitarian rhetoric to achieve their own political ends even as they refused to treat blacks and women as equals.  He points out that this treatment continued long after the Revolutionary Era.

In Chapter 7,...

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