Freak the Mighty Questions and Answers
by Rodman Philbrick

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Please summarize chapters 20-25 of Freak The Mighty.  

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Chapters 20-25 of Freak the Mighty involve Kevin’s rescue of Max all the way through the end of the book. In Chapter 20, Max is tied to the boiler in the basement of an old house due to Kenny "Killer" Kane's mistreatment. Kevin shows up with a squirt gun full of “acid” and squirts Kane while Max escapes (with the help of Loretta Lee). As Kane runs outside a “million cops” are waiting to take him back to jail. In Chapter 21, the two boys enjoy the attention at school due to the rescue, but Max is worried about having to testify against his father. In Chapter 22, Kevin’s thirteenth birthday arrives. Unfortunately, as Max and Kevin celebrate, Kevin has a seizure which puts him in the hospital. In Chapter 23, Max goes to visit Kevin in the hospital. Kevin is now in the ICU instead of the regular “Medical Research” wing.  This causes Max to worry more. During the visit, Kevin has another seizure and eventually dies. Chapter 25 contains the aftermath of Kevin’s death. Max takes Kevin’s death hard, but he eventually decides to take Kevin’s advice and “write it all down” about the adventures of “Freak the Mighty.” In this way, Max immortalizes his best friend, Kevin.

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