Please summarize chapter by chapter from the book Outliers (part 2).

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In order to create a chapter by chapter summery of The Outliers you want to first create an outline of the book so that you are aware of how many chapters need to be covered. Within each chapter of the book there will be key concepts important to Malcolm for someone to achieve something and support this with examples of those discussed within the books who has used these concepts to be successful.

Within the novel The Outliers the author Malcolm Gladwell is exploring what factors contribute to someone being successful. Some of the public figures that are explored to examine this concept include sports figures, Bill Gates, and high profile celebrities and musical figures.

An example of what an outline for a chapter summery could (although the details may be different and should be explored from the novel itself) look like this:

Part 1 - Opportunity

I. Chapter 1

II. Chapter 2

III. Chapter 3

Part 2 - Legacy

I. Chapter 1

II. Chapter 2

III. Chapter 3

The book is broken into two parts so it is important to include this within the summery you develop. The first part of the book looks at opportunities that an individual may encounter. Part 2 focuses on the legacy that the person who has found success. A key concept throughout the book is the 10,000 hour rule which Malcolm states is that a person has to practice something for 10,000 hours be become successful at it.


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