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Please summarise this article in relation to stereotypical gender roles of men and women.

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What this article is saying with regard to sex roles is that people can, at times, try to claim that sex roles matter when they really do not.  In this case, the author is arguing that PM Gillard's supporters are claiming that she is being treated unfairly because she is a woman when that is not in fact why she is being maligned.

The article is saying that some people try to use sex roles to their (in this case) political advantage.  One stereotype about sex roles is that people do not take women seriously.  Gillard's supporters are accusing her detractors of not taking her seriously because of her sex.  However, the author says, they are really making the claim to distract people from her real problem, which has nothing to do with her sex.  In this way, they are using sex stereotypes for their own purposes.

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